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How do I place an order?

Denny's Guitars does not have an online shop in the traditional sense, like with a shopping cart. Every order goes directly to our email account or comfortably over the particular order form. In any case please make sure to fill in all the mandatory informations, such as your complete name and adress.

A corresponding bill to your order, will then be send to the email account you specified in your order form resp. to the return address.


or via contact form.

Is there a lefthand option on Denny's Guitars?

Yes! The option "picking hand" is one of the very first in both our custom shop and order forms.

My band's logo inlayed on my guitar?

Why certainly! As a matter of fact we would very much love to do so. The more customized your guitar will be in the end, the more likely it is going to be played and of course the better it sounds. There are several possibilities to use custom inlays in our custom shop's Customizer alone. Very similar to the colours, you'd simply have to chose the option "custom" on a corresponding checkbox and then either describe your inlay under "miscellaneous" or send us an image via mail. Even many of our custom series can be equiped with such on sought out spots.

lacquer and finish

Which kind of varnish is going to be processed on the guitar I order?

In order to get the optimum sound out of an instrument, we standardly process pure nitrocellulose lacquer. Even though this material is compatible to most people, players suffering from an allergy can of course note that at any time and we'll find an alternative.

Which colours are offered for Denny's Guitars?

If not further described, a Denny's guitar can be painted in any colour or colour-combination you like. For this purpose we also have a wide ranged colour chart with all our standardly offered colours in it.

My fovourite colour is not amongst those on the chart, what now?

Not to worry, every one of our order forms has a special "custom" option to the point "colour". In case "custom" is selected, you then are able to use the therefor designed "miscellaneous" box to describe you favourite colour in detail. In any case it would be highly beneficial to send us a sample of your chosen custom colour or colour-combination via mail.


How much is the shipping for my instrument?

Free shipping within Germany. Customers from outside Germany, the EU or worldwide will have to pay for shipping according to the latest conditions of DHL or UPS. In any case shipping will be a seperate position in your bill.

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